About Us

The difficulties in the way of formation of the organization is evidenced by the founding year – 1995. The building, built in the thirties of the last century, no longer serves its purpose, the founders, privatizing it, organized in the building gold jewelry fair. This idea, which seems at first sight absurd, gained flesh through stubborn and consistent work and dedication of the owners. In 1990 the organization of fairs and coordination of work was one of the most common forms of business, but as time has shown, it is not as easy as it might seem. From 1990 to 1999, not only spacious halls for sale, but also workshops for jewelers were built. In 1999-2001. the expansion of the organization continued, in the result of which two three-storied buildings with a total area of 2,012 m² have been put into operation in those years. In such cases, the figures are more eloquent: just under 80 trading desks were added up to 500, while the number of workshops over the years has reached 400. In 2002-2005. the organization had more rapid development, in the result of which this time eight-storied multifunctional building with total territory of 2707 m² was built, workshops, equipped with technique were placed were on all the floors. Gradually a fairly large production capacity has been formed. In 2005 the projecting works of the construction of a new, nine-storied building was started. It was commissioned in 2006, and it also presents a complex, technically-equipped with workshop, which has an area of 5127 square meters. In 2007 and 2008 the construction of another eight-storied multifunctional building was begun. Since 2008 to this day the number of trade stalls had increased to 700, and workshops – 750. Fair has its own place in the production and sale of gold products. It, uniting in one place experienced jewelers and precious stones masters, organizing sale, has not only created conditions favorable for the buyer, but also appropriate environment for the creation of new jobs. At the fair territory the reliable security service, other than clock shift workers, the whole area is observed with modern video recorders, and to store jewelry store there. These are the facts we are proud of. The organization, due to its work experience and professional madder behavior, is a leader in the organization of jewelry business in Armenia today.