The founders of the holding are Abrahamyan Vagharshak s/o Artavazd, Nalbandian Nune d/o Ervand, Artyom (older son) and Abrahamyan Artur s/o Vagarshak (younger son).

Date of birth – 09.01.1949
Started at – 30.05.1996
Education – YSU, Department of Economics

Abrahamyan Vagharshak
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Date of birth – 06.10.1968
Started at – 01.12.2003
Education – Armenian State Pedagogical University

Nalbandyan Nune

Date of birth – 16.11.1986
Started at – 02.05.2012
Education –YSU, Juridical Department

Abrahamyan Artyom

Date of birth – 10.02.1988
Started at – 01.06.2011
Education –YSU, Juridical Department

Abrahamyan Artur
Director of “GoldConsulting” LTD

Date of birth -13.11.1981
Started at – 01.07.2004
Education – National Agrarian University of Armenia

Nalbandyan Matevos
Head of the Internal Security

Date of birth -05.10.1956
Started at – 01.05.2000
Education –YSU, Department of Economics

Poghosyan Rima
Head accountant

Since the foundation of the “World of Gold” number of staff has increased hundred times in the result of rather flexible personnel policy of the company. This means the solving of the employment problem. Partners and customers of the company are confident and quite since they are collaborating with professionals.