• Gold Market
    The company includes a number of infrastructures, implementing organization of the Fair ...
  • World of Gold Hotel
    World Gold Hotel, rich with the best tradition of hospitality, invites you to spend your holidays ...
  • Construction
    In the field of construction World of Gold Holding brought to completion the construction of several buildings ...
  • Import
    Facilitating the work of jewelers, the Company, entering into agreements with a number of companies that have international recognition ...

Welcome to World Of Gold

Vagharsh Abrahamyan

Dear visitor,
Welcome to the site of our organization. It is a great honor and responsibility to appear in the Business sector of Armenia, it is in the stage of formatin and the policy adopted by any organization can have a significant impact in the making of the sphere. On our website you can see the process of implementation of the programs of our business. I would be grateful to acquaint with your considerations and business proposals through feedback. As it is indicated in our slogan “Let’s develop business together.”
Yours truly, Vagharsh Abrahamyan